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Liza Sperling

Startup advisor, marketer & three time acquiree, San Francisco, CA

Liza Sperling's Bio:

Liza Sperling

Enterprise SaaS biz dev'r, strategic relationship manager and start-up advisor with 14+ years of experience launching, marketing, managing and selling software solutions. Expertise in wearing many hats, cross-functional communication and executing a vision while maintaining attention to detail.

-Relationship Management: Developing and managing companies' social enterprise strategies and software solutions, with an emphasis on social media to drive measurable corporate growth and improve KPI's.

-Product Marketing: Launching and marketing products through all phases, including go-to-market (GTM) strategy, product specifications, positioning, pricing, competitive analysis and improvement phases with a focus on customer needs.

-Communication/PR Strategy: Analyst and media relations, community development, and identifying, targeting and leveraging key influencers.

DUKE UNIVERSITY, B.A., Political Science, Cum Laude, 1998 INTERESTS: Public speaking, horseback riding and Charlie Rose

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Liza Sperling's Interests & Activities:

technology, marketing, social media, social marketing, google, android, Charlie Rose, public speaking, customer development , advising startups, mentoring entrepreneurs,

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